Friday, April 25, 2008

#87 - Gratitude

By, Bokjae

This tag from Rainbows is past overdue! My apologies but glad that I can do this today! I guess people generally fall into these two categories and i.e. "Grateful Type" or "Complaining Type". Read a book sometime back called the "Power of Gratitude" and Wow! really eye-opening! Personally I was not the grateful type but through the years and thank God, He slowly changed me into one! As Steve Jobs said, one can only connect the dots in life through hindsight; I can say that we have much to be thankful and grateful for! Yeah occasionally we slipped back into Mr. Complain but we have to check ourselves each and every time this happens. So feel free to join this train and share gratitude around! It makes the World a better place for sure!

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