Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#27 - Something To Be Grateful!!!!

By, Lovella

Today.... I almost got into a car accident. Thank GOD that He had given me presence of mind, wisdom and courage.

My group and I had a lunch out. Hubby was not with us because he needs to be with their visitor. We had a good lunch but not a real good experience. Mcdo was jam packed. We just ate near the party area where aircon was off. We're sweating while eating.

Going back to work was pretty smooth, until I got impatient with the truck and tricycle in front of me. I cut them and was surprised to see a truck in front of us... very close. My thoughts were... I will hit it very hard if I'll stop. I just turned the wheel to the right. Luckily, I
never hit the tricycle and was also not hit by the truck.

It was indeed a blessing. Thanks be to GOD!

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