Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#29 - Statement of Gratitude

By, KCee

I always remember an important lesson my father told me when I was just a little girl. He said, "When you ask God for something, and it doesn't come, there are 2 reasons why: 1. It's not yet time for you to have it, but it will come in His own time and schedule, or, 2. He doesn't want you to have it because it will do you no good." This was imprinted in my young mind, and I still carry it with me today.

It was elemental in shaping my mindset of being optimistic at all times, and it helps me a lot to overcome disappointments and frustrations I encounter along the way. I'm really thankful that I learned it early in life.

I'm grateful for all that there is, all that is not meant to be, and all that is yet to come. I thank God for generously blessing me with a strong support system - loving family, daughter, relatives and friends, who stand by me through the highest and lowest points of my life.

I'm thankful for everything - for every single little thing that reminds me that I am loved by God.

BaReFooTeD Me


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Guy said...

I fully agree with anything you've printed here.
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