Thursday, April 17, 2008

#66 - Tag - Life is Full of Gratitude............

By, Sweet Jasmine

My blogging buddy of Life is Mysterious........pass me this tag recently. Looking at the word "Gratitude" it gives me a feeling of love, warmeth, gratefulness, and thankfulness for someone or those people around my friends and family who had done a great deal to bring happiness and joy into my life.

Looking back in life, I had received so much from so many people I knew and I am indeed very grateful for what they had done....and it is quite difficult to mention just a few names or people would not do justice to those whose names were not noted here. When I was suffering in pain during my RA days.....many people had come forward to help me.....making arrangements for me to see this doctor and that doctor......finding the right ways and methods to ease my miserable pain.....including arranging for me to go overseas for treatment.....accompanying me along the way and anywhere I wanted to go.......visiting me often with their prayers and comforting me hope and light at the end of the tunnel with their care and love. What more can i say for such deeds shower on me ...which i can only repay with a word of gratitude. So to those family members and friends who had given me so much......i will always remember your wonderful deeds with a thankful heart and may God bless all of you in return.

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