Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#24 - Grateful


  1. To my parents, without them I am nothing. They've been so supportive to me in everything. Even during the time when I was really really brokenhearted, they consoled me and even gave me advices. And because of that, I married the man whom I really love and now have an adorable daughter!
  2. My brother, for he was the main reason why I had to strive harder in life.
  3. My husband who have never failed me. He accepts me for whoever I am and that includes my "sungetness" and "laziness" wahahaha!
  4. Deye, my daughter, for letting me know what a real mother means.
  5. My friends, for always making my days.
  6. Blog buddies and loyal readers, for patronizing my blogs everyday. Without all of you, my blogs won't get noticed!

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