Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#23 - Thankful Enough

By, Gandacious

  1. To the Father above, the God, for my strength and giving me hope to look forward for the future.
  2. My mom, for her undying love to us and her apos’s. Also for never giving up in training us to put faith to the Man Above. For not disagreeing to the man of our life.. in short her son-in-law.
  3. My husband for continue loving me despite my size now. lol For understanding me and my faith, for helping me not to compromise things that is against on what I believe, for loving my family, for being a loving and responsible father, for doing a good job in cooking ;)
  4. For my big sister, Annabelle. For always believing in me, for the trust, for keeping her promise to let me finish my study, for being my buddy, for giving me good laugh when I need, for listening on my advice, for loving me. Haaay love ko talaga ate ko :) Syempre love ko rin younger sisters ko for taking care of our brother and for listening when I need to nag. lol
  5. Friends, blog buddies, for online friends.. for adding spice in my life ;)

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