Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#22 - Thank You!!!

By, We Are Family

Thanks for this tag Amore. This is a great way of counting our blessings.

I am thankful

1. For the love and support that GOD showers upon me. When I’m at my lowest point he is there to uplift my spirits. He sustains he during the most challenging parts and I am thankful that he hears my prayers.

2. For the unwavering patience that M0rn1ng shows me through the years. For supporting my plans and thoughts, for helping me out in our household chores and simply being there when I need someone to talk too.

3. For the wonderful sisters I have. They’ve been another pillar of support. I don’t know what to do without them. Though they look up to me as their ate and always been the one who makes the big decisions for them, I am also dependent on this two. Thank you for sticking up with me through thick and thin.

4. For the little boy who gives me joy, strength and inspiration in every thing I do each day. You are the reason why I strive to be a better mommy, a better wife, and a better individual.

5. For the companionship of friends I have both online and offline.

I feel so blessed.

We Are Family

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Humphry said...

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