Thursday, April 17, 2008

#64 - Statement of Gratitude

By, Anne E.

There are so many things to be grateful for, to be happy about...despite of...

Trully grateful of the Creator, that I am still standing and here to face the next "challenge". Grateful of my husband, my true friend, my life partner for accepting my strengths as well as my weaknesses as a person. Grateful of my children, always reminding me to be like a kid, taking pleasure on simple things, they are trully our inspiration.

Thankful of my parents, when other relatives are putting us down, my parents are there, happy for our accomplishments. Thankful of my brother, he is a friend that you can count on. Thankful of friends, seldom can you encounter friends that are "happy" for your success & happiness.

Grateful of this tag and to those participating, for spreading the positive mental attitude.

Thankful that I have come to accept the trials, disappointments, failures and learned to complain less. Grateful of the "Obstacles" and struggles for it helped me be strong & creative in working things out. No regrets.

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