Thursday, April 3, 2008

#31 - Expression of Gratitude

By, EV

Barefooted Me tagged me...and my gratitude goes this way.

My parents did not raise me a spoiled daughter when I was little. It's not because we came from a poor family and they could hardly provide us toys and all, but because they only want us to value and appreciate every little thing that comes as something we cannot just get in a wishing bowl instantly but must be given to us as hard earned thing. Something we can get because we earned it out of a good deed. And I even remember that I only get a new dress when I got to stand on stage every end of school year for getting honors back in elementary. Dress perfectly sewed by mother.

Sometimes I wonder if "thank you" would be enough that apart from the rest, I am blessed to have parents who taught us what life is really about. I am not a perfect daughter nor a great sister to my siblings. But one thing I am just sure of and proud to say, " I am filled with gratitude that out of it all, I always feel where I belong." My family loves me, regardless. Sometimes there were instance when I thought, I wasn't lucky as a grown up individual.Probably because I feel like there's still something lacking in my life as I grow up to be a matured one. But it would be too selfish to ask for more I know. God is a living God. I could not fathom the idea even when I would be a superwoman. But still I continue to thank God, that even when I go through trials along the way, I still find the courage to go on and seek for His wisdom.

Having my family, very good friends and God in life...I know deep in my heart that it would be too much to ask for more.And that my gratitude for all these blessings is beyond measure.

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