Saturday, April 12, 2008

#54 - Life Is Full of Gratitude

By, Choc Mint Girl

Juliana tagged me with what she said "makes you take a pause and think and allows you to share things that are otherwise unwritten and unshared unless asked."

I feel the same thing. There are many things that I'm grateful for, but let me share the one that really matters to me right now, well, since there are no rules for this meme he he he...

"My life has changed tremendously when I met my hubby. He comes into my life when I was badly hurt from my past love affair. Even my family didn't quite know what really happened. Then, when hubby came, he brings the new light and excitement into my pathetic life at that time. :) He is such a caring and loving man, being so attentive to my needs. He loves to do wonderful things for me even for the little things. We always hold hands when we walk together and it feels awkward if we don't." :)

Actually, there are more, but enough la for this time. ;D

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