Thursday, April 3, 2008


By, Colorful World

Give Him thanks for all things

This tag is about things you are thankful about/for.
I HAVE A LOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR? For a wonderful life with an amazing husband who showered me much love, supported me and laugh with me. My awesome Familia Nacorda and my extended family here. To my friends way back home who always be there through thick and thin and always be there whatever it cost. My online blogger friends who taught me in every way that life could offers. To paid blogging websites that continues to shower me much opps to earned for living while stay at home. To my Papa ( who joined the Lord 2 years ago) who guided us from any temptations and evil works in this World. Most of all to God... who never failed to give me strength, guidance and knowledge that keeping me in the right track. Thanks you very much, truly I am Blessed!

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