Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#50 - Grateful Each Day

By, Lourdes

In this blog, the word "gratitude" has been listed as one of its labels. Why? Well, I guess this blog is really something that talks more about it. This blog (or the URL) was given to me by a friend and I guess its where all things have started. I felt very thankful for it. Not everyday in our life something extraordinary is given to you.

After being thankful (Pinay Mommy's Love Blog), life has gone so good for me lately. Many things were given that sometimes you could not imagine go your way. As I worked on my other blog's make-over, I never thought that one of the creators of the digital elements I used would proudly link back to my blog as an example of her work being used to action.

Of course, there are couple of things that made me felt a little bit bitter along the way but still it made me felt grateful in the end. As they say, there is always a rainbow after the rain! My husband and I, after being separated for 2 years but now together again for almost 2 years (and plans to have more years to come together), always have misunderstandings and sensational fights (hahaha....showbiz!). We are still in the process of regaining after everything that happened to us. But hey, we still do have fights but recently, I realized that our marriage is actually progressing. He still have immaturity in some aspects but he has shown me that he trying to make things right. Which for me, I am already grateful of. The will to change and the word "try" are enough for me to hope for a beautiful and blissful marriage with that of course is the help from the Almighty!! Our marriage might have not been patched-up if it weren't for God's Divine Intervention. That made me grateful enough!!

Everyday as I wake-up and see my family together, its a great reminder for me to be grateful to God who has brought every pieces of my shattered life together. Being united as a family is enough for me to be grateful each day.

I am also grateful for Monday Morning Power for initiating the new project on gratefulness. Cause you see, sometimes we need great people to help us remind of the things we need to be grateful of before its too late.

Come! Join us in our worldwide campaign of gratefulness. Everyday...there is always something to be grateful about...

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