Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#18 - Life is Full of Gratitude

By, Nelle

Yes, no matter what’s happening to you right now. Even if you’re going through some difficult times or you’re in a cloud nine right now, there’s always something to be grateful about life.

I am grateful because 21 years of my life have been a rollercoaster ride. I have experienced a lot things, good and bad but still here I am and full of hope and passion.

I am grateful for encountering the mighty One above. He never fail me and I just know that whatever happens, He’s love will be until forever.

I am grateful for having my mom, she’s my strongest support and when I know in my heart that she believes in me, I’m positive that I’ll be able to do the things I want. And also my family, I love them and they keep occupied and irritated (sometimes). Hehe

I’m grateful for my two best friends. They are the people who kept encouraging me and at the same time are the first one to hit me with a chair if I’m being stupid at times.

I’m grateful for my friend Ruby, she’s like a friend so far away from me. Hehe… I enjoy our chats and I just love how she’s so sincere on sharing stuff about her, and also for teaching things and for just being a good friend.

I’m also grateful for meeting Juliana here on the virtual world. I appreaciate her every visits here on my blog and for always commenting. I like her because she got this cool aura that is contagious and will put a smile on your face.

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