Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#77 - I Am Grateful...

By, Dez

1. I am grateful for my family's good health! (I pray for this one always)
2. I am grateful for our family's treasure, Gabby and Nicco. our source of inspiration and happiness.
3. I am grateful for my job! i can blog at work. ahihihi!
4. I am grateful for my hubby Ian- caring husband and a responsible dad to Gabby and Nicco!
5. I am grateful for my parents for the unconditional love.
6. I am grateful for my friends, we may not see each other often but we know we're still there for each other whenever we needed one.
7. I am grateful for having the extra money i get from blogging! ahihihi. great help.
8. I am grateful for the positive outcome on our business planning! hope it goes well.
9. I am grateful that I have my supportive family around me.
10 I am grateful for the strength and patience that I have that helps me deal with life's challenges.

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