Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#62 - I am Grateful

By, Sugarmagnolia

Here are 5 reasons to be grateful for! There are more if I’ll hot down each one and the space wouldn’t be enough but I’ll just sum it up!

1. I am grateful for the Lord above for the continued blessings. And for all the things he showered us! Me, my boys, my family and friends!
2. I am grateful for my dear husband. I cannot imagine Life without him!
3. I am grateful for my 2 sons! Makes life more meaningful and it made me become full!
4. I am grateful to my parents, and my siblings! They are there for me during the ups and downs of my life! Love you guys! Can’t trade you all for anything else in the world!
5. And I am grateful for my friends! Real friends and online friends! Makes it all worth it;)

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