Saturday, April 12, 2008

#55 - Being grateful to everything

By, Joy

Am I grateful? the answer is yes- I am grateful for my parents who gives me life, who support us, give us educations,the disciplines,shelters and food.With out them I won't be in this life time, I grow up in a very nice foundation of family a very hardworking parents who wanted best on the family. There's one thing that I wanted to say to my mom-if she is still alive now " I will tell her that her words of discipline and strictness has its worthiness-even though back then I won't listen". I was grateful that her teaching was meant for our future to have a better lives ahead of us. Right now- I am grateful for a wonderful son- and to my ever temperamental husband, for my job which was great and to the new friendship that I gain in here in California.

There are times in our life we forgot to say thanks to all the blessing we have recieved, it's time for us and stop, think and say Thanks.

Extraordinary Things
California, USA

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