Sunday, April 13, 2008

#58 - Life is full of Gratitude

By, As The World Turns

Life is Full of Gratitude.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There's a lot that I am grateful for: my hubby, my parents and family, my wonderful husband's family, and good friends. I'm grateful for each and every waking moment that I'm alive, every sunrise and sunset I witnessed everyday, nature, music, the good things in life and the challenges and trials (without which life would not be the same). They are all God's gift as our life is...there's really so much to be grateful for, i can't name them all, i'm just happy to be alive and well.:)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mel, Thank you for posting this in your blog, i will try to copy the links here and add mine in my blog? i think, is that right? i'm a bit lost hehe.

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