Sunday, April 20, 2008

#75 - I am grateful for Blogging

By, Gurnygob

I blog all night,
I blog all day
I blog my bloody life away.
The thanks I get are few in deed,
I think ill take up smoking weed.

The nights are long and lonely,
for my key board, mouse and me.
Sometimes I feel like giving up
and heading of to sea. Then suddenly,
a box pops up, the excitement hard to bear,
as my mouse heads to the Corner to see what’s over there.
Its only windows live again; they call me all the time,
I wish they’d leave me well alone; I’m trying to make this rhyme.

It’s a lonely life, this blogging,
So little company, no one seem to understand,
the pressures there can be.
My wife thinks I’m a nuttier,
Sometimes I think she’s right, but blogging
quite addictive, in the middle of the night.

To all my fellow bloggers, I solute you,
one and all, you never shrink from blogging, arms
ready to the call.
And in the future, years from now,
when we’re all dead and gone,
I wonder if they’ll sing of us,
In some old blogger song.

It’s getting late, or is it early,
I’m not so sure these days,
This bloggings got me all mixed up,
in so many different ways.
Its time for me to say fair well
I’ll see you all again,
until the next time, God bless you all
and don’t give up the game.

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