Friday, April 4, 2008

#36 - Statement of Gratitude

By, Noushy Syah
This is my statement of gratitude and sorry for it's quite long, but that's what gratitude means to me. And attached is the graphic of my own.

Life happens whether we are ready for it or not, and in 2004, my mom and brother passed away after involved in a road traffic accident. I'm not sure we are ever really prepared to lose a parent, especially Mom and a loving brother at the same time who has loved and nurtured us all of our lives. I had more things I needed to talk with her about, and I know I wasn't ready to let her go.But life moves on.And I realised that thing happens for some reason. God has plans for us.

When life gets you down, when your hurt or angry or confused or frustrated, take a moment to stop and close your eyes and find things to be thankful for. Your health, your family, your job, the roof over your head, the fact that you’ll have a next meal, the beauty of the world around you, the good people and love in your life...Whatever you can think of, be thankful for them … and express that gratitude somehow. Realize that all is not bad in this world, and be happy for that.

Since being grateful means truly acceptance, think of the negative things that happen in your life,accept them in positive manner. Thank the person who was mean to you for teaching you patience and understanding. The fox that tore up your trash and not be grumpy for teaching you humility as you pick up the trash. Thank to the natural disaster you went through for reminding you of what is important in life. The tragedy or illness you are going through? Thank it for making you stronger. For all these, I'm so grateful and To God always be The Glory.

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