Thursday, April 3, 2008

#32 - heartfelt the One above

By, Cleck

when was the last time you said, Thank You to someone?

if you're gonna ask me, i just did! i just said Thank You via e-mail to Dei, for sharing us the news about Sarah Wayne Callis, who is coming back on our fave TV show, Prison Break. i realize that for every e-mail i receive, it has always been my habit to reply "Thank You.."

you see, little did we know it, but there are instances that a simple thank you can bring a smile to a sad face.. even if we do not get the "You're Welcome" response, deep in the hearts of the grateful ones, they know that they have been thought of.

at night time, i never fail to say my thanks to Him. yes, utmost gratitude is always offered to the Lord, Our God, who has been our Guiding Light, Knight in Shining Armour, Personal Advisor and my Moral Supporter for the past 29 years.. He has been here with me and my family all through-out.. Without Him, i wouldn't be here at all..

Pride & Prejudice

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