Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#48 - Life is Full of Gratitude


So my first post for this new blog would be about being grateful. I really like this Project because it does have a lot of benefits to bloggers such as getting a lot of backlinks and visitors for your blog but most of all; this one gives blogger a chance to share why they are most grateful about life.

Indeed, I am grateful with my life and with this blog. Why?

I am grateful about life because I have learned and still learning so much from it. Every people I meet halfway in life including those from the blogosphere always make a difference in me.

Every failure counts also because as common as it sounds, I really learn a lot from those failures. I’m not saying that it’s that easy but all I’m saying is after each chaos there’s always hope and there’s something to look forward to about life.
I’m grateful about life and love, because if I don’t believe that those things exist, I might have lost my sanity over the years. But it does exist and so am I. and so are you who keep loving and living. That alone is a reason to be grateful and to extend it to others.

No matter what where going through right now, even if we laugh or we whine, at the end of the day, make sure to point out things to be grateful about your existence and thank the One Above.

I am grateful about this blog because I never thought I can have it this time of the year. But fortunately, I am able to get a domain for free. The .info domain is cheap I know but its way better when you get it for free so I’m really happy about that. It’s not everyday that you get a free domain.

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