Thursday, May 15, 2008


By, Wilson

As I walk through life with all those barriers and struggles I have meet I never consider my self to stop walking. 'Cause I know life is isn't all about those things but life has something to offer more than what I have expected to come. I maybe too young to reflect about life in general including those sub-aspects on it but I guess, this is a free world and I do have a freedom to express my thoughts and heart desires.

On the other hand, LOVE is one of the common factor why people exist and experience to see the beauty of life! It is were the world begun! God created us through his image and likeness because HE love us. People created those non-living things because we LOVE to do it for the benefit of all. Specifically, Man continue to live with the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE bestowed by the opposite sex because God made it for us to live life happily. Its one great opportunity to know that we are part of all this things.

Nevertheless, "LIFE is simply all about LOVE while LOVE is simply all about LIFE". Be grateful to whatever blessing you've got whether its good nor bad praise HIM for that 'cause as you know there's no such perfect thing that exist in this mortal world.

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