Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#105 - Counting My Blessings

By, Rei

I would like to thank Edith for this tag. She passed this to me when I was having a hard time at work. Frankly speaking, during that time, I was feeling so negative that even chocolates tasted extremely bitter (erm.. 70% Cocoa content) and desserts tasted sour (what do you expect from Lemon Sorbet?). Let alone, give thanks. I might as well do the other link, "Complain Complain Complain". Okay, now that I looked back, I was able to joke about it. But seriously, I was really very down at that point of time. It was friends like her, popping by at the right time to remind me that things will take a better turn, that the phase, no matter how long it takes; will pass.

I am grateful for friends, both online and offline, who stood by me and tolerated my whinings and negativity. Keeping me sane.

I am grateful for my children, who bring me endless joy and the will to go on. Even though, that may mean I have to make sacrifices but I have no regrets if they were for them.

I am grateful that I have parents and sisters who are supportive all these years.

Although I always complained about my job, I am grateful that I still have one and is able to put food on the table.

Lastly, I am grateful that my family lives in a place where there is no natural disaster. Looking at those suffering over at Sichuan and Myanmar, mine's just a little sorrow compared to theirs.

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