Saturday, May 17, 2008

#102 - My Name…weird or unique?

By, Angriani

As a young girl, I remember a very special moments with my arwah bapa…and i always asked him a question about what is the meaning of my name. The answer is simple…he just like that name… errrmmmm…ok

When i was studied at the U, i had an incident which is related with my name…in my second year of education…During the class of Tamadun Islam…(my first session with this not hot but handsome lecturer)…He was a new lecturer. At classroom, he was checking the student’s attendance by name. When he saw my name…and he tried to pronounced my name… i just knew it…he can’t pronounced my name…and the way he pronounced my name for me is very rude… Suddenly, he asked me this damn question in front of my friends and other students…”What is the meaning of your name in Islam ? I think there is no meaning for Angriani!.” I was shocked and dunno what to said…How dare he asked me a damn question and gave a comment about my name ?

But now, I feel grateful and proud with my name… ~ aNgRiAniWoRLd ~ BTW…i want to post this Gratitude meme…some sort like Big Bang Meme lorr…so its related with my lates entry, right? :D :p

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