Tuesday, May 6, 2008

#93 - Me and the washing machine

By, Monica

Few days ago, I was complaining to mybf when the washing machine decided not to work. "How?" "I totally have no idea. There was no humming sound." The only thing on my mind was, it's time to consider (the machine is not that old) buying a new one.

Without the functioning machine, washing clothes by hand was unavoidable and it could turn out to be a nightmare be a very tedious chore. Yes? Since I don't wash my clothes everyday, at the end of the week, not only clothes and lingerie but also towels, bedsheet, pillow cases,...all piled up in a laundry basket at the corner of the bathroom. I felt that sense of dread seeing the mountain pile before I started the "laundry sports"!

Then last Saturday, mybf decided to try and fix the washing machine. He grabbed a screwdriver, unscrewed, turned over, removed the cover, accessed to the underside of the machine...

Finally, the machine worked!

I got very excited and I couldn't wait to turn on the washing machine again.


Thanks to the lovely Rozella over at Asian Mutt International for this tag.

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