Thursday, May 15, 2008


By, Wilson

Many of us are just neglecting the essence and usability of things around us to the fact that they are not living things and like us who can express our minds and feelings. But did you know that without those things we could not do our individuals task nor eventually survive? Did you know that without those things we are also useless? Did you know that without those things we are uncertain to fulfill our daily undertakings? Well, even I myself accept the truth that I even do it and came up to realization that why not try to give the real essence and usability of those things? I guess, it will definitely give us the real meaning of life. Life to the extend which has full of meanings. Meanings that simply lead us to the right path of success. Success that answers our every hardships and obstacles that we often encounter in our day to day ramblings.

You know what guys, remember that even if those material things that we often see and feel are just made up man still its God who create it for us to explore and beautify it. Its God who give us the opportunity to enjoy it but it seems that most of us are just neglecting it. Most of us are selfish and rude. Selfish to the extend that we are not considerate to those things we see. Rude to the sense that we are waisting the creation of God for us. We are all fool! We don’t have a heart! Pardon me to this people who care now! But I know before you arrive to that you also arrive to the point of waisting it. Guys, theres always a time and place for recovering it and renewing the image of brutality to an image of Wisdom. Its now time to change it and eventually renew yourself! Its us who disgust it! Its us who waist it!… So, its also us who will renew it to an image of goodness… Its not yet late people in fact we got a lot of time to renew and care for it. So, I therefore extending my usability as one of the person who care for the environment to please show your care for those things even if how it was! They still have a right to stay as we do!… Reflect on what I say guys!… Its time to change!… May all of you will have the grace of God to pursue your plans… Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

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