Saturday, May 17, 2008


By, Harvey

Well, some says that blogging is the an art. Art of expressing your mind on what you feel to all the things that you see and feel. But some would also say that Blogging is their life as they obviously get a little penny on it by giving feedbacks to all the advertisers around the web. I guess, there are lots of things to consider on How to define what Blogging is? The most important thing is you enjoy what you do and you love what you share. Its the best spices in the blogging world.

Eventually, I myself is now totally addicted to blog nowadays, to the fact, that I wanted to share the thoughts of my mind, heart and soul. Aside from that fact, I absolutely accept that I'm also gaining a little revenue on my blogs. Well, I guess, its not new to anyone anymore since, almost all the bloggers around the web are monetizing their blogs even those personal blogs.

Furthermore, What's really good about Blogging? Is it for a long term goal or its just for a leisure time? In my own point of view, Blogging is a matter of choice. Whether it is for a long term nor short term goal the good about it is you love to share your life, thoughts and ideas to others. You want to influence them by your words of encouragement nor it may not really turns out that way but at least you've shared a little part of your life that would somehow help them realized the best things in life. Why don't you try to blog too? I guess, its the best exit you'll gonna have if you wanted to have a thoughtful life.

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