Monday, May 12, 2008

#94 - Anniversary

By Sindi,

I don't know why some of these thoughts come into my head or even if they are worth putting into words. I have just noticed that it has been a year ago this week that I started blogging. All the memories of this past year are coming back. I sit here with tears streaking down my face. I am having a boo hoo moment?Crying 1

So many thing have changed in the past year. I started blogging because my friend Mike moved away. I called him one day upset and he told me to go to blogger. He said to write about how I was feeling and it would make me feel better. He was so right! Blogging is the greatest gift that I have ever been given.

OK, I got to go blow my noise.Blowing Nose

All the boogies are gone now and I am over my boo hoos. Nose-picker

I then started thinking. Light Bulb

I have met a lot of new friends in the past year. Bounce

Here are just a few of my new friends:

My Thoughts- Stacy -old friend
Kathy’s Klavier- Kathy
Amel’s Realm- Amel
This and That- Frasypoo
Rusin Roundup- Michelle
-old friend
Seek Him First- Cliff
WIXY Gone Bananas- Cliff
ATTITUDE, The Ultimate Power- Mel
Speedcat Hollydale-Eric
Idaho Daily Photo-Roger
I’ll Think Of Something- Beth
-old friend
Minimalist Mommy- Nicole
Peace of My Mind-Warren, Pilgrim
Bagwine Ruminations-Matt
The Totally Transparent Party- Azzitis
Welcome to My Crazy Life-Martha
Up The Hill Backwards-Suzie
Just Talk-Dana
From The Roads-Robert
How Now Blue Cow-Jack K.
One Man’s View from Lansing ,KS-Jack K.
Choc Mint Girl- Crystal
Dust Bunny Hostage-Jennifer
Real World Mom- Stacey
Liquid Plastic- Amias
My Life, My Hope, My Future...-Hazel
Through My Eyes-
My Life-Kelcey
Gage’s World- Gage

Now I want to cry again because of all the great people I have met over the past year.

God Bless all of you :-) Angel

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