Monday, May 5, 2008

#91 - Of Thoughts and Rants

By, Maslight

Ogie, here's the thing, I actually type out a long complain about stuff earlier but decided to do it differently this time.

I'm one of those ppl who loves complains a lot (well I can't really say I love doing it, but it's kinda a natural thing for me). All I do is whine. I think some of the ppl I know might be tired of me doing it. Trying to control and live without thinking is a bit hard.

Anyways, today, I decided to be grateful instead and try not to complain for a day @_@ (I doubt that's gonna happen). But yeah, I'm grateful for being alive and to have wonderful people around me. Thank god.

I juz dun wanna be the person I am before...

1 comment:

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