Monday, March 31, 2008

#9 - My Statement of Gratitude

By My Happiness Haven

I made this blog solely to be more upbeat and appreciate even the small things in my everyday life because simply I am tired of worrying, tired of hearing complaints and tired of the growing negativity around the world and it’s simply draining (and it’s not good for the complexion too, imagine wrinkles, dry skin, zits, frizzy hair!)

Almost two years ago when I created my S.H.O.E. , a month ago I created this blog and it tremendously helped me with my outlook in life and I can easily stomp off negativity, honestly.

Of course, there is the occasional outburst, but like what Shrek always say better out than in. I also have a place to dump my complaints, grievances and hysteria, my other blog, my PMSing mode blog (Pissy Mood Syndrome) Earthly Explorations . Once it’s out, let go. I actually laugh at my silly outburst sometimes when I see them in that blog.

Thank you so much Pinay Jadefor tagging me with this Statement of Gratitude. How I am gratitude let me count the ways:

One, I am gorgeous (hahahaha! nobody is allowed to complain here go to the complaints link if you want to hahahaha!). Two, I am so lucky to have my family, despite our sometimes love-hate relationships, it’s normal, when you love someone you are not afraid to tell them of their mistakes and love them all the same despite their imperfections. Three, I have the most sweetest, prettiest, smartest, mischievous, loving daughter. Four, I am happily in love everyday of my life and I am thankful for finding a man who compliments me in every way. Five, I love how he loves me, true we have our ups and downs but we have weathered all the storms, I would be the happiest woman on earth when we will be able to prove the world they are wrong. But, honestly, we don’t need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves and that is all that matters. Six, I have the most amazing, nicest, playful cat in the world, my cat never fails to amaze me with all her crazy antics and her loving ways. I love that cat. Seven, I’m glad to have internet at home and blog and write and create stuffs with pictures using photoshop. Eight, I have accomplished so many things in my life that the average 30 year old like me might not have gone through. Nine, I have my share of the spot light and the 15 minutes and more of the fame allotted for every person in the world. Ten, good friends, who drops by from time to time, leave me notes, call me up, the thought that they remember is a feel good factor and I am thankful for they consider me as indispensible (indisposable?) friend.

If I count them one by one, this blog space will not be enough, so, I will just leave it at those ten general things. Material possessions and physical appearance wither, but what’s inside of you, how you feel inside and how you make others feel towards you are the greatest blessings and the ones to be most thankful about.

I hope everyone will find time to sit down and contemplate, if they cannot list down, everyday, the things they are thankful about each day and acknowledge all the beautiful things in their lives instead of the bad ones, probably that way, the world will change, not instantly though but slowly and surely.

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