Friday, March 21, 2008

#5 - Loved Ones

Loved ones never forgotten

I know I have so much to be grateful for, although I don’t always remember every minute of everyday. What I am most grateful for are the people I have in my life that love and care for me, and who I love and care for in return. I have a very loving husband, RennyBA, who is kind, faithful, supportive, who pushes me when I need to be pushed and stops me when I need to be stoped. A wonderful partner and a caring husband is something truly to be grateful for, but there is more.

I have two lovely children who have grown up to be nice, clean, intelligent, caring young gentlemen. They took the move from the USA to Norway like real troupers, have adjusted well, found friends, succeeded in school and aren’t ashamed to be seen with their mom in public :-) I also have 3 great step children who have accepted me into their fathers home with style and grace. Good kids, all of them in or finished with college! I have my loving brothers - Butch, Johnny and Christopher! My mother recently passed away and now we feel like we have to be the adults in the family, that isn’t an easy time…but I am endlessly grateful for having had my mother. I wouldn’t trade her for any other, and I wouldn’t have missed any of the time we spent together. Last and not least I have a fantastic father to be grateful for. He supported us well through our mom’s illness, and has always supported my decisions even when they were dumb ones. He let me be myself and always was there to love me.

I work in a women’s shelter and see lots of families that are not as fortunate as I am. I sometimes take my family for granted, but you know not unnecessarily every one has what I have. The only thing I want and need in life, people who love me as I am.


DianeCA said...

Thanks for posting our real life love story. I am happy to share my gratitude with you and others!

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi DianeCA,

I want this site to be sharing site for gratitude. Yours is a perfect example of where I want this site to go. And of course, some link love goes along with it. I feel that over time, the link love could get rather significant.

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