Monday, March 31, 2008

#11 - Saying How Grateful I am...

By Blessed Sanctuary

Realization came into me that I have so much to be grateful with rather than lament on the situation where hubby is not around.

Juliana tagged me this. Thank you very much. I wanna thank you too for always checking on me and my daughter. It meant a lot. It is heart warming knowing that we have support from friends like you. With your tag also made me to express the gratitude I felt to all the people who touches my life.

First and foremost I give back all the glory and honor to our Almighty for all my life's blessings. Secondly to my parents who supported us, all their children, to attain our dreams in life. Also for understanding our shortcomings. To my brother and sisters who are there and help me get through college. They are also my inspiration to work hard and reach my goals. Even though we have misunderstandings but still I can say the family bond is still strong.

With everything I have right now I share it with my husband. He is very wonderful and he is very patient and thoughtful. A loving husband and a very good father. I see how he think about all his kids, their safety and their future. I am very much grateful to God for giving him to me. He is my defender, my hero and my rock. I give him thanks for being the same person that I know more than 5 years ago.

The most precious gift that I receive is our little girl to which I am very thankful to God. She give meaning to our lives. She is the reason why we are determined to have a very good and bright future. She complete us.

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