Monday, March 31, 2008

#13 - Give Thanks

By, Jenn

As always, I am ever thankful for all the blessings that come my way. Big or small, it doesn't matter - I am still thankful about it. Like when a new intermission comes up, or if my cat's eyes got healed after being irritated for a while, I shout a gratitude for that.

But so far, the biggest thing I am thankful for is the ability to travel and see things about my own country even if I am not gifted with lots of money. I am thankful that at this early, I've already seen five new places, and already, I have made a wish come true. With that, comes my gratitude of being close to my family, especially my mom. I am so thankful she and I get along very well now. In few of my travels, I have been with her, and it's one great bonding moment for us. I thank God for the opportunity of being close to my mom.

In everything I am thankful for, I am just thankful for the gift of life to enjoy life's simple moments. I hope I can continue enjoying life for many more decades to come.

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