Saturday, March 15, 2008

#1 - Life

I’m grateful for...

…life. I thank the Creator for my existence, which would be impossible if He hadn’t created my wonderful family, and my ancestors. I’m grateful because my brother and I were the reason why they existed, the same way my children and nephews (and their kids) are the motive for us to be.

I’m grateful for all the good moments in my life, which brought me great happiness:

  • Being born in Mozambique
  • Traveling through so many countries
  • Interacting with different people and countries
  • Family gatherings
  • The hours invested in reading books and acquiring culture

And the most special one

  • When my fiancé proposed to me.

I am also grateful for all the “bad” moments because in the end they came to be a good growth tool. I learned many things with life vicissitudes (how to never quit, how to stay focused despite negative distractions, how to be objective, how to stay strong) and for that reason I say: thank you!

I have God in my life: Thank you!

I am a happy and healthy person: Thank you!

I face life with a smile on my face: Thank you!

I have a positive Attitude, I complain with style and I am grateful for being whom I am!

Lisbon, Portugal


Max said...

Hey Mel,

It looks great!! Thank you so much *bowing!

I found a typo though (it was my fault, and I have already corrected the original text): "I am God in my life" when I meant "I have God in my life: Thank you!"...would you be so kind to correct it, please? :D

I wish you all the best for this project, my friend :D!


Monday Morning Power said...

I was wondering about that. Now it makes more sense, but you never know.

Again, thank you for taking the #1 spot, and for trusting in me.

Max said...


You are most welcome, my friend *bowing*!


日月神教-任我行 said...


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