Monday, March 31, 2008

#12 - I am Grateful For...

By, Expressions and Thoughts

God who had been faithful in everything He does. He's such a great God no one can fathom His greatness... for His provision in everything I and my family need... for giving me the desires of my heart...

My hubby - for his love for me. His love is enough to get me going and aiming to be the best wife one could ever be.

My kids - I have two wonderful and lovely kids. Sometimes they can get into my nerves but I am grateful to be their mother.

My family back home in the Philippines for their love, support and prayers for me.

My old friends - who remain friends with me even though I am far away...

My new friends - most of them are online (blogging) friends. It is, I think, better to meet friends this way... you know them right to their bones right away coz... well, if you're a blogger, you would know what I meant.

Mian and Alve for coming to stay with me at home while hubby is away. This morning, I was surprised to wake up with a spic and span home... and that included our study room which has been in the mess since we moved in. They cleaned my house last night until 1:30 am while I was happily, soundly asleep in my room. I couldn't ask for better friends.

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