Monday, March 31, 2008

#8 - More Resaons to be Grateful

By pinay mommy's love blog
Well, I have another blog that talks about the blessings that I have received. I haven't been their lately. Anyway, I am glad that Pinay Jade invited to me to participate on blogging things that you are grateful with. So, here are the things that I am really grateful about.

I am really grateful that I am still alive. God has really kept my insanity intact. Hehehehe... After all the problems I have encountered and still encountering, I am still happy that I am alive. Though there are many times I really wanted to call it quits but God have always found a way to talk inside my heart and give me more reasons to live for Him.

Every time I am in my utmost depression, I always think about my children. The thought of them making every hardship worth fighting for. "When I See You Smile, I Can Face The World," quote from my favorite theme song for my children. The song was sang by Bad English - When I See You Smile. Indeed, when I see them smile at me, I felt that everything will be alright. I love them and I am grateful for them.

Though my husband and I are not in good terms, I am still grateful for him. I may have not married the perfect match but I still felt that God gave him to me for a reason. Though he doesn't love me, I still do love him (for those who didn't know the history of my marriage, please don't judge me). I will keep my promise to love him till death do us part.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to work at home. I don't earn that much the way I was earning before in the corporate world but it gave me time to be with my children.

My parents, who are always there for me to back me up on my decisions. They really do have an unfailing love for me and for my children.

For my friends, both online and offline. They always cheer me up when I am down. They brighten my day with encouraging words.

I am also grateful for Amanda. With her template freebies, I was able to get what I wanted for my blog - personality and functionality expressed in one template.

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