Saturday, June 7, 2008

#111 - Happy & Thankful Thoughts

By, Munchkin Mommy

This is my kind of tag as “think positive thoughts” is my mantra. All I have to do is list down 10 things that made me happy or am grateful for recently. Here it goes:

1. Being able to talk to my Mom and loved ones in the Philippines and seeing them everyday, thanks to YM!

2. “Milk & Honey” from my SPs are starting to come in. Woohoo!

3. The belated Mother’s Day present from Hubby and Abby, the Wii Fit, which has become my favorite new toy.

4. Receiving Mr. Snail as well as some surprise goodies from Odette.

5. Finding a friend in Tita Myra, who has offerred to become my Mom’s co-patient.

6. The wonderful time we had at my friend Bet’s house on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

7. The outpouring of love, support and prayers from relatives and friends when they found out about my Mom’s journey to wellness.

8. My personal blog’s, Munchkin Mommy, 3rd year anniversary.

9. I was able to exchange my miles for 2 roundtrip air fares for a July holiday.

10. I received a free book in the mail yesterday.

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