Saturday, June 7, 2008

#109 - Are You Grateful? I Know I Am!

By, Kerak Bumi

Kujie, my guru, got it from Mel's blog: Attitude: The Ultimate Power. And since my guru took part, so, I decided I should too though I was not tagged by her.

Of late, I have learned a lot from life and what it has brought me. I'm grateful that I'm alive, I'm grateful that I'm healthy and I'm grateful that I'm happy.

So, first, I'm saying my thanks to GOD Al-Mighty for giving me another day everytime I open my eyes at dawn. For me, it doesn't only mean that I get to be alive for another 24 hours but I also get another opportunity to rectify what I have done wrong yesterday, yesterweeks and yesteryears, as well as grabbing new opportunities that will definitely cross my path.

When I look back, I realise that HE has given me everything that I have wished for but it was I, who never appreciated HIS generosity and it was I, who wasted the opportunity out of stupidity. Never again, I can promise HIM that, that I would behave the way I did a long time ago for HE has also granted me the wisdom that enable me to see what a fool I was, as well as a clear vision of what great things awaiting for me to grab them. I promise you GOD, from now onwards I will always ask for YOUR guidance everytime.

I'm also grateful that I have discovered my passion and have been given the courage to act on it. I'm grateful that the sun seems happy to shine on me all the way, although, there was one or two drizzles that hit my face. No matter. It was just a spit. A long time ago, I would cry like a baby and complain when an obstacle appear out of nowhere and make my life a living hell. But not anymore. Now, I am accepting the obstacles that have and might cross my path as a process that I have to go through in order to make me stronger and wiser. Thank you GOD. I'm so blessed.

I'm grateful for my husband, for his love and loyalty. He has been my backbone and will always be. He is there for me through good and bad. He showers me with love and generosity. He shields me from cruelty and he is also the one who 'discovers' me and tells me that I make a good writer one day. I guess, he's right!!! You are my rock, my love. I love you and I'm grateful to be your wife.

To Mom and Dad. Thank you for having me as your child and thank you for putting up with me all these years. I know what a devil I was. You are the best. To think what both of you have done for me and endure all these while... I can't be grateful enough. Thank you Mom and Dad, for loving me unconditionally. I'm really honoured and grateful to be your daughter. Mom and Dad... I love you till the day I die.

I'm grateful that I have such wonderful siblings whom I love and love me so much. We share almost everything, we laugh and cry together. We fought a lot when we were kids, didn't we? Though I live far away, you know you can always count on me and I'm always there for you everytime you need me.

I have long accepted the fact that my husband and I will not be blessed with our own kids but I thank GOD for giving me such a beautiful niece and four handsome nephews (more to come). I'm grateful for the joy they have brought into our lives. Their existence, their love and laughter, make my life a lot more meaningful. I love you all. I love you with all my heart.

I'm also grateful for my good friends, both offline and online. Thank you for having me in your lives and please do not doubt my love for all of you. To my best friends for more than 20 years, thank you and I love you. You are my rock and totally cool. To friends I met in the blogsphere, I have learned a lot from you and your life's experience through your blogs. Though we haven't met but I feel that we are best friends already. Hope our friendship remains and will never end.

I also would like to thank my publisher, UPND, in particular Puan Faridah for giving me a go and still believes in me despite my antics!!! I have great respect for you, madam, and I assure you I will do everything in my power to make sure I am worth your while.

Last but not least, thank you to the fans of Ajak Kadir and Ninja Kunaharo. For we are nobody without you. I love you all.

Thank you...

Dunia, Malaysia

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