Saturday, June 7, 2008

#110 - The time to be happy and thankful is each day and every day.

By, Jen

Creative Commons License photo credit: tom.arthur

And the way to be happy is to make someone happy…

I hope I am making *someone* happy. ;)

So here are my 10 happy/thankful thoughts in the recent weeks (tagged by the wonderful Munchkin Mommy):

1. M. I don’t often tell him that he makes me happy and I’m thankful I met him. Thanks to a friend who introduced us; probably one of the better things she has done.

2. Finishing the User’s Manual for teh 4-port Gigabit Ethernet module (say waht?) that I’ve been working on! Could’ve finished this sooner but was too lazy.

3. Getting a new project! It’s an expansion board for a system. I won’t talk about it because I will sound like a technoid if I do. I don’t know much about it yet because I haven’t read the specs. I doubt that I will talk about it. Don’t think any one can relate to what I’m going to say anyway, with the possible exception of Lou-lou.

4. Regularization! Yeah. VLs and SLs, baby.

5. Losing weight! Wooohhooo! I was with ME and her soon-to-be hubby and A, and A and I had our second fitting for our gowns. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost. The boob part of my gown seemed awfully loose, like my boobs had really shrunk. Yikes.

6. Liking Loving the fit of my bridesmaid gown for ME’s wedding.

7. My conversations with M. He’s wonderful: nerdy, geeky AND talkative—a very nice combination of all things heady.

8. Having *conversations* with R where I don’t feel pained. I miss him, though. But I’m glad we’re still friends.

9. Family and friends! My family gets on my nerves a whole lot (’cos I’m living with them again) but I love them, regardless of what I may say or how I might feel about them at any given point in time. My friends are the *bestest* in the whole world!

10. A very exciting adventure. ;) The wait is killing and exciting me all at the same time.

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