Friday, June 6, 2008

#106 - I thank my friends and readers

By, Max

I would like to thank my friends and readers for their excellent comments on “The mystery of Wisdom”.

I have learned a lot from their thoughts and personal definition of Wisdom, and for that I am extremely grateful! I was not mistaken when I decided that your thoughts, my friends, were my favourite book: thank you!

I would also like to thank Fernando, from Arte Y Mundo, for having translated my article (to Spanish) and produced a rather intellectual critique.

Now I would like to pay homage to the following commentators; on the afore mentioned article (by order of appearance):

Zhu: my French friend living in Canada. A wonderful soul and an artist; whom I love interacting with. Her comments are also much appreciated and I adore how we respect each other so much.

Brenda (2): Brenda and I met through our mutual friend, Peter. Her comment on this article was her first in my blog (hopefully the first of many) and her thoughts caught my immediate attention, and I just felt like we had to interact more.

Liza (3): my adorable Philippine friend. Such a gentle soul, a great mom and an excellent person to turn to if you need any hair, skin (you name it) tips. She is a fan of my short stories.

Alexys: my wordsmith friend. Her intellectuality, spirituality, wisdom and humour surmount everything I thought I knew about it. Conversing with her is always a true pleasure and eye tearing (of so much laughter).

Fernando: he is from Buenos Aires and extremely intellectual. His translations, dissertations, and writings are simply awesome. I love conversing with him a lot.

Delirious: a great friend. I love reading her comments! I always learn new things from her. But I particularly like how she makes my friend, LS, go through a rough moment in their debates lol.

Mel (3): my delightful friend. Mel knows that I am a great fan of his and that I appreciate our friendship more than anything. He makes me laugh a lot and conversing with him is always a deep pleasure (I learn a lot from him).

Bob: such an incredible human being and a friend. Amazing sense of humour and depth, I like the way he sees the world. I always wait anxiously for his fantastic comments. Plus, he is my “co-player” in Surrender. His blog on astronomy is awesome: check it out!

Lynda (3): my artist friend. I love her photos and her artwork (check her blog out). Lynda’s thoughts are always deep and amazing; and I must say that whenever we converse I learn new and interesting things. Thanks, my friend!

Renny: my Norwegian friend. I came to discover that he is a gentle and extremely generous human being. His posts are always so interesting and full of history.

Peter: my Aussie friend. I don’t know if I have told him this or not, but I simply adore him and his dry humour (as he calls it). He is such a good soul, so generous, so kind, and in love with his family. Our conversations are simply amazing. His articles are precious!

Kalyan: my friend from India. He is so considered and gentle, amazing. I love taking a peek at his photos, absorbing all the colours and flavours in his articles. His comments are always much awaited, since his thoughts are so deep.

This week, at MAX, it was your moment, your spot light; and you have all performed so graciously: thank you!
It is a huge honour to intercommunicate and socialise with you guys!


Anonymous said...

I think Max you have been very gracious in your words....I'm really humbled...I think its your efforts in writing the thoughtful posts juxtaposed with lovely words, which are so lively and full of life that makes everyone of us think and feel the situations for a few moments and then share a few words...keep up your good work & Thanks very very much Max...You have made our day!


Max said...

Hey Mel,

Thanks, my friend!! It looks great :D!


Max said...


I am extremely touched by your words: you are amazing, my friend *bowing*!

You are most welcome, flyingstars :D! But I am the one who thanks you for sharing your thoughts with me and my readers; rest assure that they are immensely welcome, appreciated and cherished *bowing*!
YOU have made my day :D!


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