Monday, March 30, 2009

#139 - life spread with flowers of gratitude

By Tomas Karkalas

... just miraculous blogroll of Gratitude will end this post, yet that would be not the end but the beginning - the joy to welcome your site to the community I am proud of knocking on now. This vision urged me to hurry and thus I again jumped over the time into the wonderland of what was high above my potency to put in human words. So let me return back for making everything plain.

As I turned on my computer today, Are you grateful? What are you grateful for? What does "Gratitude" mean to you? looked at me from a screen. WOW! came out of itself. These were not the questions for musing, but the keys to the dreamland. The keys that were lost by me while I was trying to report what and why was not done by me till now. The keys that were retrieved as I shifted from self to what I was grateful for - to you. The thoughts about the current hardships were immediately replaced with the hot Thank you! I forgot all my limitations and my sick body became the brave herald. I have read. Just look below:


askcherlock said...

Discovered your site from Slog Bite! I must say that I am grateful for my husband who is also my best friend and confidant. He is supportive oof me even when I don't deserve it. He's quite simply the best!

Indian Drama Serials said...

The old King, surrounded by the happy Fairies, sat in Violet's lovely home, and watched his icy castle melt away beneath the bright sunlight; while his Spirits, cold and gloomy no longer, danced with the Elves, and waited on their King with loving eagerness. Brighter grew the golden light, gayer sang the birds, and the harmonious voices of grateful flowers, sounding over the earth, carried new joy to all their gentle kindred.

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