Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#105 - Counting My Blessings

By, Rei

I would like to thank Edith for this tag. She passed this to me when I was having a hard time at work. Frankly speaking, during that time, I was feeling so negative that even chocolates tasted extremely bitter (erm.. 70% Cocoa content) and desserts tasted sour (what do you expect from Lemon Sorbet?). Let alone, give thanks. I might as well do the other link, "Complain Complain Complain". Okay, now that I looked back, I was able to joke about it. But seriously, I was really very down at that point of time. It was friends like her, popping by at the right time to remind me that things will take a better turn, that the phase, no matter how long it takes; will pass.

I am grateful for friends, both online and offline, who stood by me and tolerated my whinings and negativity. Keeping me sane.

I am grateful for my children, who bring me endless joy and the will to go on. Even though, that may mean I have to make sacrifices but I have no regrets if they were for them.

I am grateful that I have parents and sisters who are supportive all these years.

Although I always complained about my job, I am grateful that I still have one and is able to put food on the table.

Lastly, I am grateful that my family lives in a place where there is no natural disaster. Looking at those suffering over at Sichuan and Myanmar, mine's just a little sorrow compared to theirs.

Monday, May 26, 2008

#104 - I Am Grateful To All Who Have Died So That I Could Be Free

This quote was left as a comment by my friend Sarge Charlie.

On this Memorial Day remember my friends who died for your freedom. Dear Lord, lest I continue in my complacent ways, help me to remember that someone died for me today. And if there be war, help me to remember to ask and to answer “am I worth dying for?”~

Eleanor Roosevelt

Attitude, The Ultimate Power

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#103 - I am Grateful to Max for her friendship and support

By, Mel

Max bestowed upon me this special award since she thought that my blog "is awesome and whenever you feel tired, stressed or down just visit it and you'll immediately feel good." I am truly honored by such kind words and this wonderful award.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

#102 - My Name…weird or unique?

By, Angriani

As a young girl, I remember a very special moments with my arwah bapa…and i always asked him a question about what is the meaning of my name. The answer is simple…he just like that name… errrmmmm…ok

When i was studied at the U, i had an incident which is related with my name…in my second year of education…During the class of Tamadun Islam…(my first session with this not hot but handsome lecturer)…He was a new lecturer. At classroom, he was checking the student’s attendance by name. When he saw my name…and he tried to pronounced my name… i just knew it…he can’t pronounced my name…and the way he pronounced my name for me is very rude… Suddenly, he asked me this damn question in front of my friends and other students…”What is the meaning of your name in Islam ? I think there is no meaning for Angriani!.” I was shocked and dunno what to said…How dare he asked me a damn question and gave a comment about my name ?

But now, I feel grateful and proud with my name… ~ aNgRiAniWoRLd ~ BTW…i want to post this Gratitude meme…some sort like Big Bang Meme lorr…so its related with my lates entry, right? :D :p

aNgRiAniWorld DoT Com


By, Harvey

Well, some says that blogging is the an art. Art of expressing your mind on what you feel to all the things that you see and feel. But some would also say that Blogging is their life as they obviously get a little penny on it by giving feedbacks to all the advertisers around the web. I guess, there are lots of things to consider on How to define what Blogging is? The most important thing is you enjoy what you do and you love what you share. Its the best spices in the blogging world.

Eventually, I myself is now totally addicted to blog nowadays, to the fact, that I wanted to share the thoughts of my mind, heart and soul. Aside from that fact, I absolutely accept that I'm also gaining a little revenue on my blogs. Well, I guess, its not new to anyone anymore since, almost all the bloggers around the web are monetizing their blogs even those personal blogs.

Furthermore, What's really good about Blogging? Is it for a long term goal or its just for a leisure time? In my own point of view, Blogging is a matter of choice. Whether it is for a long term nor short term goal the good about it is you love to share your life, thoughts and ideas to others. You want to influence them by your words of encouragement nor it may not really turns out that way but at least you've shared a little part of your life that would somehow help them realized the best things in life. Why don't you try to blog too? I guess, its the best exit you'll gonna have if you wanted to have a thoughtful life.

Friday, May 16, 2008

#100 - Post- Traumatic- Stress- Free

By, Chuck

I am grateful for my position in life, and who I have become because of the choices I have made. I am calm --> Nuf said.

Peace out.


By Wilson

Its nice and honor to think that people is really aware that expressing their minds is the best way to improve their selves and make them stand on their own. But its so sad rather to think that their are still people out there who didn't have a courage to express what they feel towards a particular situation nor people who doesn't have a voice to fight what they believe is right. Too bad... But I guess, they might have their own reasons why they prefer to shut up rather than to voice out. They might protecting somebody nor anyone else just to save their lives. Whatever their reason is I just want to let them know that telling the truth and what's on your mind will definitely set you free even if the person is involve are those people who are near in your heart but could you dare to just shut up rather than voicing out that will save the lives of millions? Could you dare to put a tape on your mouth rather than telling the truth that will definitely change the future of those innocent young ones? Will you dare to block the freedom of your mind to speak the truth that will absolutely save you from danger? For some nor many of you will do it for the sake of your family nor for those people whom care. Or maybe some nor many of you will speak your mind for the sake everybody.

What I'm trying to emphasize it here is "LET YOUR MIND SPEAK "... Give the freedom of your mind to speak what he see is right and what he believe is for the better. Don't be afraid to speak your mind 'cause every opinion is welcome as long as you believe that its right. Fight for the better! Learn by example...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


By, Wilson

As I walk through life with all those barriers and struggles I have meet I never consider my self to stop walking. 'Cause I know life is isn't all about those things but life has something to offer more than what I have expected to come. I maybe too young to reflect about life in general including those sub-aspects on it but I guess, this is a free world and I do have a freedom to express my thoughts and heart desires.

On the other hand, LOVE is one of the common factor why people exist and experience to see the beauty of life! It is were the world begun! God created us through his image and likeness because HE love us. People created those non-living things because we LOVE to do it for the benefit of all. Specifically, Man continue to live with the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE bestowed by the opposite sex because God made it for us to live life happily. Its one great opportunity to know that we are part of all this things.

Nevertheless, "LIFE is simply all about LOVE while LOVE is simply all about LIFE". Be grateful to whatever blessing you've got whether its good nor bad praise HIM for that 'cause as you know there's no such perfect thing that exist in this mortal world.


By, Wilson

Many of us are just neglecting the essence and usability of things around us to the fact that they are not living things and like us who can express our minds and feelings. But did you know that without those things we could not do our individuals task nor eventually survive? Did you know that without those things we are also useless? Did you know that without those things we are uncertain to fulfill our daily undertakings? Well, even I myself accept the truth that I even do it and came up to realization that why not try to give the real essence and usability of those things? I guess, it will definitely give us the real meaning of life. Life to the extend which has full of meanings. Meanings that simply lead us to the right path of success. Success that answers our every hardships and obstacles that we often encounter in our day to day ramblings.

You know what guys, remember that even if those material things that we often see and feel are just made up man still its God who create it for us to explore and beautify it. Its God who give us the opportunity to enjoy it but it seems that most of us are just neglecting it. Most of us are selfish and rude. Selfish to the extend that we are not considerate to those things we see. Rude to the sense that we are waisting the creation of God for us. We are all fool! We don’t have a heart! Pardon me to this people who care now! But I know before you arrive to that you also arrive to the point of waisting it. Guys, theres always a time and place for recovering it and renewing the image of brutality to an image of Wisdom. Its now time to change it and eventually renew yourself! Its us who disgust it! Its us who waist it!… So, its also us who will renew it to an image of goodness… Its not yet late people in fact we got a lot of time to renew and care for it. So, I therefore extending my usability as one of the person who care for the environment to please show your care for those things even if how it was! They still have a right to stay as we do!… Reflect on what I say guys!… Its time to change!… May all of you will have the grace of God to pursue your plans… Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

#96 - i've got a tag

By, glad to be here

I’m getting all of these from Osindak (Thank you! :D)

This specially to me and some others.

and these two for every bloggers out there

Plus, for me to take up this challenge:

After all, everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to accept the challenge, please follow the appropriate link and do so: “Are You Grateful?“, “Complain Complain Complain.”

Details on how to take up the challenge are available on the two links above.

I guess I can do both, complaining and yet still be grateful. As usual, am complaining that the network here are too slow but I’m still grateful that I’ve internet access at this moment. I’m complaining that my boys whine too much, but I’m grateful that at least they let me know what they wanted. I’m complaining that our house is way too old to live in, but I’m grateful that at least I’ve a roof over my head. Yup, and many more. Actually there is nothing to complaint about really. Oh one last thing, I’m complaining that our politics sucks, but at least I’m a Malaysian.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#95 - Am I Grateful - Meme

By, Azzitizz,

Just found this and the one below, in one of my comments boxes from Mel and thought I would join in, I won't tag anyone but if you wish to be included, go ahead.



Monday, May 12, 2008

#94 - Anniversary

By Sindi,

I don't know why some of these thoughts come into my head or even if they are worth putting into words. I have just noticed that it has been a year ago this week that I started blogging. All the memories of this past year are coming back. I sit here with tears streaking down my face. I am having a boo hoo moment?Crying 1

So many thing have changed in the past year. I started blogging because my friend Mike moved away. I called him one day upset and he told me to go to blogger. He said to write about how I was feeling and it would make me feel better. He was so right! Blogging is the greatest gift that I have ever been given.

OK, I got to go blow my noise.Blowing Nose

All the boogies are gone now and I am over my boo hoos. Nose-picker

I then started thinking. Light Bulb

I have met a lot of new friends in the past year. Bounce

Here are just a few of my new friends:

My Thoughts- Stacy -old friend
Kathy’s Klavier- Kathy
Amel’s Realm- Amel
This and That- Frasypoo
Rusin Roundup- Michelle
-old friend
Seek Him First- Cliff
WIXY Gone Bananas- Cliff
ATTITUDE, The Ultimate Power- Mel
Speedcat Hollydale-Eric
Idaho Daily Photo-Roger
I’ll Think Of Something- Beth
-old friend
Minimalist Mommy- Nicole
Peace of My Mind-Warren, Pilgrim
Bagwine Ruminations-Matt
The Totally Transparent Party- Azzitis
Welcome to My Crazy Life-Martha
Up The Hill Backwards-Suzie
Just Talk-Dana
From The Roads-Robert
How Now Blue Cow-Jack K.
One Man’s View from Lansing ,KS-Jack K.
Choc Mint Girl- Crystal
Dust Bunny Hostage-Jennifer
Real World Mom- Stacey
Liquid Plastic- Amias
My Life, My Hope, My Future...-Hazel
Through My Eyes-
My Life-Kelcey
Gage’s World- Gage

Now I want to cry again because of all the great people I have met over the past year.

God Bless all of you :-) Angel

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

#93 - Me and the washing machine

By, Monica

Few days ago, I was complaining to mybf when the washing machine decided not to work. "How?" "I totally have no idea. There was no humming sound." The only thing on my mind was, it's time to consider (the machine is not that old) buying a new one.

Without the functioning machine, washing clothes by hand was unavoidable and it could turn out to be a nightmare be a very tedious chore. Yes? Since I don't wash my clothes everyday, at the end of the week, not only clothes and lingerie but also towels, bedsheet, pillow cases,...all piled up in a laundry basket at the corner of the bathroom. I felt that sense of dread seeing the mountain pile before I started the "laundry sports"!

Then last Saturday, mybf decided to try and fix the washing machine. He grabbed a screwdriver, unscrewed, turned over, removed the cover, accessed to the underside of the machine...

Finally, the machine worked!

I got very excited and I couldn't wait to turn on the washing machine again.


Thanks to the lovely Rozella over at Asian Mutt International for this tag.

#92 - Tags

By, Nightwing

Hope i am doing it right. For me i choose 'Grateful'.

Things i am grateful for: 1) For accepting Christ in my life.

2) Close with my aunties and uncles.

3) Great GF/Future wife.

4) Having friends who i can always count on, be it good time or bad.

5) Meet great people in the internet world (blogging / facebook).


Monday, May 5, 2008

#91 - Of Thoughts and Rants

By, Maslight

Ogie, here's the thing, I actually type out a long complain about stuff earlier but decided to do it differently this time.

I'm one of those ppl who loves complains a lot (well I can't really say I love doing it, but it's kinda a natural thing for me). All I do is whine. I think some of the ppl I know might be tired of me doing it. Trying to control and live without thinking is a bit hard.

Anyways, today, I decided to be grateful instead and try not to complain for a day @_@ (I doubt that's gonna happen). But yeah, I'm grateful for being alive and to have wonderful people around me. Thank god.

I juz dun wanna be the person I am before...

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