Friday, June 27, 2008

#120 - Grateful For Being a Blogger

By Emjei

i am so much grateful that i learned blogging and definitely became a certified blogger. Not just i enjoyed it but i was able to earn some for myself. really grateful for everything that i have accomplished as a blogger.. :)

#119 - Grateful

By Emjei

I'm Grateful that I am still living in this wonderful world, grateful that i am healthy and i have a family that cares and grateful for the loves ones as well that is always there for me when i need them the most. Grateful that i have a good life, can eat few times a day rather than nothing to eat at all. :)

#118 - GrateFul Indeed

By Emjei

I’m so Much grateful that I finally got a very nice and cute theme here in this blog account. Simple but cute theme… I’m very thankful that i find this one and thankful to the one that gave me the hint on where to get nice theme.


Neuro Patch

#117 - New Blog To Work On - GrateFul!

By Emjei

I'm grateful that I am now starting this new blog of my interests in movies, music and others. Hope that I could work on it very well. Really excited about my every posts.. :)

#116 - My Gratitude

By Emjei

i am grateful that i have good friends that is always there when i needed them the most, I'm grateful that my life became more colorful and meaningful because of my friends help, especially in my school days, being in school is not just mere studies, books and stuffs but what i enjoyed most of the time is the company of my friends. really miss them after all... :)

#115 - The GRATITUDE Challenge

By Emjei
I'm so much grateful that I've graduated already. This would a good start of my own life, not depending on others now. Four Years of difficulties yet God is good that I've overcome that all. Me and my family are very much grateful! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I will not be posting for the next two weeks. I am actually taking a vacation without my computer. My wife and I will be spending 2 weeks in China. I hope to take some pictures that I will post when I return.

New Gratitude Participants - Please post your Gratitude Statements and I will add your post and your site to the list with the link to your post as soon as I return from China. Please follow the direction on the next post.

I'll miss everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

#114 - Little Secret GRATITUDE Challenge

By, Little Secret

I don't know ... why I do this posting, what is clear ....
I wish to have many friends in the world,
Imagines if you to have friend one thousand,
Even one million friends or more which spread over in the world,
I am happy if can share with you ...
I you ready......

Take this...because
There is a group of us that decided to participate in another adventure in terms of Technorati authority. Getting to that 500

Saturday, June 7, 2008

#113 - I Am Grateful

By, Jeanny

For the past days, I have got tons of meme from my great online friends...

Thanks to all...I really appreciated it :)

So here is Tag No. 1 from Alpha, thanks sis :)

I am Grateful.

1. I am grateful for having hubz in my life.

2. I am grateful for all the blessing I have.

3. I am grateful God has given me a simple but rocking life. :)

4. I am grateful for having a great family.

5. I am grateful because everything I have is great. :)

Startin' A New Life too,

#112 - Tagged [Happy Thoughts]

By, Mee

A very postive tag from Ris. Plus, Em,Jeanny, and Mich sent this gratitude tag my way, too. As always, consolidation is key. :D

I was asked to list down 10 things that made me happy or grateful recently.

Here they are:

1. Ninna learning how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano.
2. Hubby getting a nice bonus for having worked his butt off these past couple of months.
3. The birth of my newest niece Rianna.
4. Our Christmas balikbayan box finally arriving in Pinas last week, hehe.
5. At the Pinoy Festival, seeing LT again after seven years of hide-and-seek.
6. Receiving news that my friend Roscel is finally preggy.
7. My brod Alex passing the recent Bar exams.
8. Losing the ugly godaddy ads at the head of my site. (Because I finally upgraded my hosting from a free account to a paid one, yipee!)
9. Finally moving my MyParty site from Blogger to WP.
10. Friends coming over for Spring Break.

Working It

#111 - Happy & Thankful Thoughts

By, Munchkin Mommy

This is my kind of tag as “think positive thoughts” is my mantra. All I have to do is list down 10 things that made me happy or am grateful for recently. Here it goes:

1. Being able to talk to my Mom and loved ones in the Philippines and seeing them everyday, thanks to YM!

2. “Milk & Honey” from my SPs are starting to come in. Woohoo!

3. The belated Mother’s Day present from Hubby and Abby, the Wii Fit, which has become my favorite new toy.

4. Receiving Mr. Snail as well as some surprise goodies from Odette.

5. Finding a friend in Tita Myra, who has offerred to become my Mom’s co-patient.

6. The wonderful time we had at my friend Bet’s house on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

7. The outpouring of love, support and prayers from relatives and friends when they found out about my Mom’s journey to wellness.

8. My personal blog’s, Munchkin Mommy, 3rd year anniversary.

9. I was able to exchange my miles for 2 roundtrip air fares for a July holiday.

10. I received a free book in the mail yesterday.

Mapped Memories

#110 - The time to be happy and thankful is each day and every day.

By, Jen

Creative Commons License photo credit: tom.arthur

And the way to be happy is to make someone happy…

I hope I am making *someone* happy. ;)

So here are my 10 happy/thankful thoughts in the recent weeks (tagged by the wonderful Munchkin Mommy):

1. M. I don’t often tell him that he makes me happy and I’m thankful I met him. Thanks to a friend who introduced us; probably one of the better things she has done.

2. Finishing the User’s Manual for teh 4-port Gigabit Ethernet module (say waht?) that I’ve been working on! Could’ve finished this sooner but was too lazy.

3. Getting a new project! It’s an expansion board for a system. I won’t talk about it because I will sound like a technoid if I do. I don’t know much about it yet because I haven’t read the specs. I doubt that I will talk about it. Don’t think any one can relate to what I’m going to say anyway, with the possible exception of Lou-lou.

4. Regularization! Yeah. VLs and SLs, baby.

5. Losing weight! Wooohhooo! I was with ME and her soon-to-be hubby and A, and A and I had our second fitting for our gowns. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost. The boob part of my gown seemed awfully loose, like my boobs had really shrunk. Yikes.

6. Liking Loving the fit of my bridesmaid gown for ME’s wedding.

7. My conversations with M. He’s wonderful: nerdy, geeky AND talkative—a very nice combination of all things heady.

8. Having *conversations* with R where I don’t feel pained. I miss him, though. But I’m glad we’re still friends.

9. Family and friends! My family gets on my nerves a whole lot (’cos I’m living with them again) but I love them, regardless of what I may say or how I might feel about them at any given point in time. My friends are the *bestest* in the whole world!

10. A very exciting adventure. ;) The wait is killing and exciting me all at the same time.

I Digress

#109 - Are You Grateful? I Know I Am!

By, Kerak Bumi

Kujie, my guru, got it from Mel's blog: Attitude: The Ultimate Power. And since my guru took part, so, I decided I should too though I was not tagged by her.

Of late, I have learned a lot from life and what it has brought me. I'm grateful that I'm alive, I'm grateful that I'm healthy and I'm grateful that I'm happy.

So, first, I'm saying my thanks to GOD Al-Mighty for giving me another day everytime I open my eyes at dawn. For me, it doesn't only mean that I get to be alive for another 24 hours but I also get another opportunity to rectify what I have done wrong yesterday, yesterweeks and yesteryears, as well as grabbing new opportunities that will definitely cross my path.

When I look back, I realise that HE has given me everything that I have wished for but it was I, who never appreciated HIS generosity and it was I, who wasted the opportunity out of stupidity. Never again, I can promise HIM that, that I would behave the way I did a long time ago for HE has also granted me the wisdom that enable me to see what a fool I was, as well as a clear vision of what great things awaiting for me to grab them. I promise you GOD, from now onwards I will always ask for YOUR guidance everytime.

I'm also grateful that I have discovered my passion and have been given the courage to act on it. I'm grateful that the sun seems happy to shine on me all the way, although, there was one or two drizzles that hit my face. No matter. It was just a spit. A long time ago, I would cry like a baby and complain when an obstacle appear out of nowhere and make my life a living hell. But not anymore. Now, I am accepting the obstacles that have and might cross my path as a process that I have to go through in order to make me stronger and wiser. Thank you GOD. I'm so blessed.

I'm grateful for my husband, for his love and loyalty. He has been my backbone and will always be. He is there for me through good and bad. He showers me with love and generosity. He shields me from cruelty and he is also the one who 'discovers' me and tells me that I make a good writer one day. I guess, he's right!!! You are my rock, my love. I love you and I'm grateful to be your wife.

To Mom and Dad. Thank you for having me as your child and thank you for putting up with me all these years. I know what a devil I was. You are the best. To think what both of you have done for me and endure all these while... I can't be grateful enough. Thank you Mom and Dad, for loving me unconditionally. I'm really honoured and grateful to be your daughter. Mom and Dad... I love you till the day I die.

I'm grateful that I have such wonderful siblings whom I love and love me so much. We share almost everything, we laugh and cry together. We fought a lot when we were kids, didn't we? Though I live far away, you know you can always count on me and I'm always there for you everytime you need me.

I have long accepted the fact that my husband and I will not be blessed with our own kids but I thank GOD for giving me such a beautiful niece and four handsome nephews (more to come). I'm grateful for the joy they have brought into our lives. Their existence, their love and laughter, make my life a lot more meaningful. I love you all. I love you with all my heart.

I'm also grateful for my good friends, both offline and online. Thank you for having me in your lives and please do not doubt my love for all of you. To my best friends for more than 20 years, thank you and I love you. You are my rock and totally cool. To friends I met in the blogsphere, I have learned a lot from you and your life's experience through your blogs. Though we haven't met but I feel that we are best friends already. Hope our friendship remains and will never end.

I also would like to thank my publisher, UPND, in particular Puan Faridah for giving me a go and still believes in me despite my antics!!! I have great respect for you, madam, and I assure you I will do everything in my power to make sure I am worth your while.

Last but not least, thank you to the fans of Ajak Kadir and Ninja Kunaharo. For we are nobody without you. I love you all.

Thank you...

Dunia, Malaysia

Friday, June 6, 2008

#108 - My Statements of Gratitude

By, Jie

I got this great tag from hidup biar sedap: Reasons to be grateful.

Why are you grateful and what are you grateful for?

It's that time of year when we start to refelct on the things that we are grateful for, and I was thinking about the things that I am most grateful for. I think the one thing that I most grateful for is health, healthy children healthy husband, and healthy family.

I am grateful for family! I have an incredible support system of great family, between my parents, my husband's parents, brothers, and sister-in-laws on both sides, they are always there!

I am grateful for friends, who put up with me everyday! Who are examples to me, and who let me be me! We have developed some really great friendships.

#107 - Reasons to be grateful

By, Jie

Mel of Attitude, the Ultimate Power has a fun site for posting what you are grateful for or complaining about anything and everything that makes you crazy. So, I decided that I would participating.

I know I have so much to be grateful for, although I don’t always remember every minute of everyday. What I am most grateful for are the people I have in my life that love and care for me, and who I love and care for in return.

I am thankful every day for my life and where I’ve ended up. Life has been good to me and I always count my blessings. I think that’s important for me to enjoy the simple things in my life.

I am grateful for my God whom I trust for giving me life, good health and guidance . I am grateful for the love of my husband because he says when we met he knew he wanted me for his own and has never made me feel that he changed his mind. A beautiful caring man who is giving me everything my heart has desired.

I have been grateful for my children because it is still amazing to hear "I love you mama" and I get to hear it regularly. I have been grateful for my parents and family for their love and thrust.

I have been grateful for my wonderful friends here who give me the strengh to live also when I'm down. A friends like you is almost too good to be true. The laughter, the tears we have been thought them over the years. The time, we have shared no one could compare. The lessons we have learned , the time we have been burned , the moments together we have made those will never fade.

I just want you to know how much I cherish you so. We are able to talk about our deepest hopes, fears and confusions with each other without any judgment. I am so blessed.

For all my loving friends here, come! Join us in our worldwide campaign of gratefulness. Everyday...there is always something to be grateful about...


#106 - I thank my friends and readers

By, Max

I would like to thank my friends and readers for their excellent comments on “The mystery of Wisdom”.

I have learned a lot from their thoughts and personal definition of Wisdom, and for that I am extremely grateful! I was not mistaken when I decided that your thoughts, my friends, were my favourite book: thank you!

I would also like to thank Fernando, from Arte Y Mundo, for having translated my article (to Spanish) and produced a rather intellectual critique.

Now I would like to pay homage to the following commentators; on the afore mentioned article (by order of appearance):

Zhu: my French friend living in Canada. A wonderful soul and an artist; whom I love interacting with. Her comments are also much appreciated and I adore how we respect each other so much.

Brenda (2): Brenda and I met through our mutual friend, Peter. Her comment on this article was her first in my blog (hopefully the first of many) and her thoughts caught my immediate attention, and I just felt like we had to interact more.

Liza (3): my adorable Philippine friend. Such a gentle soul, a great mom and an excellent person to turn to if you need any hair, skin (you name it) tips. She is a fan of my short stories.

Alexys: my wordsmith friend. Her intellectuality, spirituality, wisdom and humour surmount everything I thought I knew about it. Conversing with her is always a true pleasure and eye tearing (of so much laughter).

Fernando: he is from Buenos Aires and extremely intellectual. His translations, dissertations, and writings are simply awesome. I love conversing with him a lot.

Delirious: a great friend. I love reading her comments! I always learn new things from her. But I particularly like how she makes my friend, LS, go through a rough moment in their debates lol.

Mel (3): my delightful friend. Mel knows that I am a great fan of his and that I appreciate our friendship more than anything. He makes me laugh a lot and conversing with him is always a deep pleasure (I learn a lot from him).

Bob: such an incredible human being and a friend. Amazing sense of humour and depth, I like the way he sees the world. I always wait anxiously for his fantastic comments. Plus, he is my “co-player” in Surrender. His blog on astronomy is awesome: check it out!

Lynda (3): my artist friend. I love her photos and her artwork (check her blog out). Lynda’s thoughts are always deep and amazing; and I must say that whenever we converse I learn new and interesting things. Thanks, my friend!

Renny: my Norwegian friend. I came to discover that he is a gentle and extremely generous human being. His posts are always so interesting and full of history.

Peter: my Aussie friend. I don’t know if I have told him this or not, but I simply adore him and his dry humour (as he calls it). He is such a good soul, so generous, so kind, and in love with his family. Our conversations are simply amazing. His articles are precious!

Kalyan: my friend from India. He is so considered and gentle, amazing. I love taking a peek at his photos, absorbing all the colours and flavours in his articles. His comments are always much awaited, since his thoughts are so deep.

This week, at MAX, it was your moment, your spot light; and you have all performed so graciously: thank you!
It is a huge honour to intercommunicate and socialise with you guys!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Genie is Back!!!!

The mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess from the magical Land of Faraway are back! Upon escaping the clutches of their Evil Master after being held captive for 1000 years, the magical genies have been busy flying on their Magical Flying Carpet, granting wishes and spreading love throughout the blogosphere.And now, the genies are back with a special gift for everyone! Behold the sacred, Magic Lamp of Luck! With this magic lamp, your blog will enjoy much good luck and fortune, warding off all things evil lurking around in the blogosphere. We would like to share this magic lamp with you so please pass on the Magic Lamp of Luck to those in need of some good luck. Remember, do not be greedy or unkind, evil or vengeful and good luck & fortune will always be with you! Join us on another exciting magical adventure as we spread goodwill and good luck to one and all!

* Start Copy Here*

1. Add your site(s) to the list once you have received the Magic Lamp of Luck.

2. Pass on the Magic Lamp of Luck to as many people as you like. After all, everyone needs some good luck!

3. Leave a comment HERE once you’ve passed on the Magic Lamp of Luck. Once the Genie King and Genie Princess have visited your site to make sure your links are complete and proper, you will then be added to the Master List.

4. To ensure everyone receives equal link benefit, please UPDATE your list regularly!

1-Mariuca 2-First Time Dad 3-Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 4-Emila's Illustrated Blog 5-The Other Side of Emila 6-My Sweet Escape 7-Bay Head Blog 8-Roxiticus Desperate Housewives 9-LadyJava's Lounge 10-Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen 11-The Real Deal 12-Pinay Mommy Online 13-Perpustakaan 14-LadyJava Life's Pages 15-Make Money Online 16-Cat Tales 17-LadyJava's Food Paradise 18-Being Woman 19-Spicybug 20-Biz-N-Honey 21-Aeirin's Collections 22-Sasha Says 23-Project Heavy Traffic 24-Picture Clusters 25-My Wanderings 26-Maiylah's Snippets 27-Moments of Colours 28-Life Quest 29-BigMoneyList 30-The Best Parts 31-Morphed 32-Buhay Pinoy 33-Galatayo 34-Blogging Tips 35-Apples Of The Eyes 36-My Own Utopia 37-Sasha's Corner 38-Under One Roof 39-Say Cheese 40-A Great Pleasure 41-A Life in Bloom 42-Because Life is a Blessing 43-Digiscraptology 44-Xixi 45-Ode to Adrienne 46-CrankyDave 47-Simple Life 48-Dew Drops 49-The Journey 50-Mastering Your PC 51-Day Break 52-A Little Girl Talk 53-Mom Knows Everything 54-Day to Day 55-1 of a Kind Wis 56-It's a woman's world! 57-Breather 58-Photo Hook 59-Letterbox 60-Asian Mutt International 61-Dream Doe Philosophy 62-MommyAlehs Up-Close And Personal 63-Livin' the Life! 64-Restnrileks 65-English Corner 66-English Grammar 67-Bodybuilding & Fitness 68-Everything you need 69-One Stop Games 70-Blockbluster Movie Trailers 71-Bodybuilding & Human Growth Hormone 72-World of Tennis 73-Men's Health & Tips 74-Internet Marketing Strategy & Tips 75-Latest Technology 76-Tentang Binaraga 77-Berita Seputar Selebriti 78-Panduan Kesehatan 79-Insurance For You 80-Crissy's Zone 81-Crissy's Library 82-Crissy's Haven 83-sHeNzEe's wOrLd 84-Voice Of The Spirit 85-Best Cuisine Recipes 86-Stand My Ground 87-SeeNRead 88-This Is A Miracle 89-I AM KCAT 90-Traipsey Turvey 91-GBeX & DOm 92-Spun By A Seanachie 93-ISL Family 94-D' Cooking Mudra 95-'Story' the Great 96-UmmiRosma 97-Munirah Abd 98-Atie 99-Hit-or-Miss 100-Twisted Sister 101-Laketrees Artist 102-Blessed Sanctuary 103-Comedy Plus 104-Blogging By Sandee 105-Living Life to the Fullest 106-Speech-Less 107-Happy Life 108-My Discoveries 109-Strangely Out Of Place 110-Rooms of My Heart 111-The Paper Vision 112-Luxurious Retreats 113-Reef 114-Weekend Snapshot 115-Blessie's Finds 116-Confessions of An Army Wife 117-My Pooch Life 118-Five Martini Lunch 119-TIPS FROM THE TRAILER 120-PoeARTica 121-STAY AT HOME MOM 122-Rantings of a Woman 123-Sjtl's Weblog 124-Turn-u-Off 125-My World in My Own Word 126-Shawie 127-A New Saga 128-Janeth Vicy's Life Journey 129-Simple Reveries 130-Berry Blog 131-Touts4u 132-My So Called Life 133-La Vida es Hermosa 134-Speedcat Hollydale Page 135-mangosteenskin 136-Choc Mint Girl 137-Of Colors And Styles 138-Pinaymama's Diary 139-My Life's Rollercoaster Ride 140-My Life...My Journey! 141-Bonoriau 142-Jenny and Belle 143-Read My Mind 144-A Sweet Taste Of Life 145-Shopping Blog 146-Precious Moments 147-Feydakin 148-Hot Shit Form Here 149-A Mother's Simple Thoughts 150-Daily Ramblings Rendezvous 151-Miss Moneypenny's Comical Posts Undercover 152-My Precious Niche 153-Fun|Fierce|Fabulous 154-Colorful World of Shiela 155-Me,myself+2 156-Ozzy's Mom 157-Let's talk about MJ 158-Great people make us feel we can become great 159-A Family Man 160-Just the way it is... 161-In Depth 162-Attitude, the ULTIMATE POWER 163-Are You Grateful? 164-Complain Complain Complain 165-YOU Next!

*End Copy Here*

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