Thursday, September 18, 2008

#137 - mYgratitude (^.~)

By MyShah,


ho2~ dpt tag lagi, thanx to bro adry
so... the tag? here

dear God,
im very grateful for letting me live one more day, today.
for having this relatively healthy body to serve u,
had a taste of great, loving parents...

im also soo grateful as im a medical student now,
even though i didnt like it though when i was in the first few years in this faculty,
ya im also grateful for having really nice friends,

who keep on supporting me almost all of the time,

and for having sum1 who would listen to me when i want to tell bout my sad feelings~hehe,

n the most important is,
for letting me have the nikmat of Islam n Iman,

bak kate bro adry,
for letting me have the chance to taste ur heaven :D


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