Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#133 - 5 points of gratitude (and lots of links)

By Brenda,

Thankfulness_4 Every time I visit Are you Grateful? and 365 Days of Gratitude I am torn. Although I'm always inspired by the abundance mindset I find there, I know I should be reserving some time here for gratefulness as well. And now ... that time has come!

My statement of gratitude (what I am thankful for today):

  • Good news from the doctor. After I gained an unprecedented 15 pounds in two weeks, friends insisted I visit my physician. Luckily I passed the physical (after all, no studying was required)! A subsequent x-ray proved that for some reason my only problem is that I am -- quite literally -- full of it! With some medication this, too, shall pass, so today I am relieved ... well, I soon will be!
  • A husband who thinks my situation is hysterically funny! Actually, I'm not really thankful for Frank at the moment ... but I am working on it. My gratitude toward my spouse is a very fickle thing which has a lot to do with how many hours he spends sleeping in front of the TV and how often he laughs at my jokes. My jokes ... not my predicament! Still, he has a heart of gold and the very best intentions. And for that I am forever grateful.
  • My outdoor world. Even though it's August, the last several days have brought comfortable temperatures to central Iowa where I live -- perfect weather for enjoying the sights and the songs of a variety of bird life. No flooding or wildfires threaten my home ... and for this I am incredible thankful!
  • A new contract. In my work as a consultant, I had just ended one project early due to a client's budgetary woes and was scrambling to get more work lined up. I was beside myself with worry ... well, I was worried anyway. But today I got the phone call I needed and will begin my new job next week. Somebody's looking out for me and for that I give thanks!
  • Blogging. Why is it that every time I question the value of maintaining a blog, something happens to refocus me? Someone's comments or online friendship. An exciting new find in the blogosphere. Or, as has recently happened, the receipt of an award. I'll have more on that tomorrow ... but for now let me just say "Thank you" to all you bloggers who inspire me, challenge me and those who remind me to count my blessings!

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