Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gratitude Challenge (Long Version)

The GRATITUDE Challenge

  1. Compose a "Statement of Gratitude" (Why are you grateful and what are you grateful for?) This can be serious or funny.
  2. Choose a graphic from HERE or use your own. (Any standard graphic format can be used, including a "gif".)
  3. You can either place your "Statement" in a graphic using a graphics program of your choice, or place your "Statement of Gratitude" as a caption to the graphic, your choice. BE CREATIVE! A graphic is requested but not mandatory. I will post just the Statement if you wish.
  4. Send your "Statement of Gratitude" to the following email address: Yes (at) AreYouGrateful (dot) Com or Post your statement on your site and email me the link.
On emailed statements, please include:
    1. "Statement of Gratitude" (unless it is embedded in the graphic)
    2. Creative Title to your "Statement of Gratitude"
    3. Graphic (if you have one) as an attachment.
    4. Your Site name (Anonymous will be be accepted.)
    5. Your site's URL
    6. Country / State / City where you reside (just the country will be okay)
Your "Statement of Gratitude" will have its own URL with a direct link back to your site, if you have one. It will be indexed on my sidebar by date, number, and your site name/your name/or Anonymous. Send in as many Expressions of Gratitude as you'd like. If you choose to remain anonymous, no identifying information will EVER be disclosed to anyone.

You are encouraged to post the "Statement of Gratitude" on your own site and please copy the following statement at the end of your post, if you would be so kind. This does come with a generous helping of "link-love," and tagging is completely optional, but encouraged.

Go HERE for the Link-Love list.

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